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No Call managment features

2: Seeker
2: Seeker

I recently upgraded to Superfast 2 extra to get the free minutes and found my caller display wasn't working as previously. My call divert was working at this stage.


I contacted support and they fixed my caller display but now I don't have call divert even though I was paying for it. When I try and activate it in my account I get a message telling me to contact support to enable the call management features.


I have contacted tech by chat and phone 4 times and each time they say they will fix it and apologise but it's still not fixed.


This has dragged on for over a month now and I'm starting to faith in Voda at this stage.


Can someone please help as I rely on these features. 




Moderator (Retired)
Moderator (Retired)

Hey @Hereu, I'm sure we can help get the Call Divert features set up - Just to check have you tried dialing the following codes to set up the Call Divert:

• 21 – Diverts all your calls immediately to your chosen number
• 61 – Diverts any calls not answered within 15 seconds
• 67 – Only diverts calls when you’re already on a call

To see whether any of the Call divert services are on or off, enter ‘

Could you drop us a message on Social Media so that we can look into this for you? Make sure to include a link to this thread and your account/landline number in the DM 😊

Thanks Evie I will give that a try and report back.

I talked to an advisor on facebook, left a link to the thread, and described my issues as asked but no one has come back and the issue hasn't been resolved. I checked on Friday asking if there were any updates and again today (Tuesday) but no replies at all.

This issue has been going on for 6-7 weeks, I have called, talked and been reassured it would be fixed twice, Talked to the messaging agent that has tried to fix the issue twice with no positive outcome. Each time they say wait a week to give it a chance but I still have no call divert.


Can you advise what my next step is?





Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey @Hereu We're super busy through our social channels at the moment and it's taking us longer than usual to reply. Rest assured we will be in touch and do everything we can to help. If you've still not received a reply, pop us your social account ID (if you prefer to provide this privately, please add this to your personal details on your Community profile) and I'll get one of the team to reach out to you 😊


I was contacted on Facebook after my last message on here and it was explained that I couldn't have call divert and caller display at the same time.

I've had both features for the last year or two that I have been with Voda. So much for superfast2 being an upgrade.


My choice was to have call divert (call management features) and confirmed I was happy to pay for it, and leave caller display switched off if that was my options and it should have been live yesterday but nothing has changed and my account is still showing call management features being turned off.


When I try and turn on call management features myself I get a message to call Voda.


I'm losing the will to contact Voda and it's costing me too much time.

Have I got grounds to cancel my Voda contract?



I woke up to an e-mail today saying that my caller display has been switched off. Now my call divert works which is acceptable for me.


It would be nice to have both caller display (which is included free) and call divert both working at the same time as before my upgrade but that doesn't seem achievable.


Thanks for the help as I feel posting on this forum has made a difference.