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Digital Voice features inc call divert.

2: Seeker
2: Seeker

So my small business has been with vodafone for years for both broadband/landline and mobiles. We contacted them back in August to renew/upgrade, in the hope of saving a bit on the monthly cost in this era of costs rising! We were unwittingly "upgraded" to Digital Voice on FTTP.

One of the features that we used extensively previously was call divert, as we work remotely from the office. When we "upgraded" the vodafone sales rep added Call Divert to our order for £2.50 pcm. 

The "upgrade" has finally taken place (after much delay), and Call Divert does not work. Having spent hours on the phone with Vodafone, I am now told Call Divert is not supported on Digital Voice on FTTP.

This is a huge problem for us as diverting the calls is crucial to our business.  As a last resort, I contacted BT, who seem to offer call divert as part of their digital landline offering, and attempted to port over to them, only to be told that it is not possible to port a number from digital to digital!

We are therefore in a situation where our landline is unworkable for us without call divert, and we cannot move supplier without leaving out existing phone number behind.

Any suggestions for how this could be resolved would be greatly appreciated!

Many thanks


16: Advanced member
16: Advanced member

Not sure I can help but are you on business broadband or using home broadband. The calling features are definitely not available on home broadband.VM.jpg

Thanks Jayach. It is business broadband we are on, and I cannot find anywhere on the vodafone website that says calling features not available, and the vodafone sales rep not only told me that they were available but added them to my order! Despite this, I am now being told they are not available.


What makes it worse is that I am being told that we cannot go back to what we had before as FTTC is not supported in my area, and I cannot port the number to another provider who offers the features,  so I can either a) live without call divert (impossible for my business), or b) move to another supplier but lose our phone number (massively inconvenient for my business).


Are digital phones not meant to give more flexibility (i.e. calls can come to mobiles, p.cs etc) rather than less! We are left with a phone line with no features at all!


All suggestions welcome!!


16: Advanced member
16: Advanced member

Unfortunately, this forum only really deals in Home broadband & landline, hence its name.

However, I can't believe they offer business broadband without calling features. Are you sure you were talking to broadband support and not home. The home support is rubbish, I would expect business support to be better.

Is there any help here: Business Calls & Phonelines | Vodafone UK

Yes it was business broadband support I have been speaking to. I have spent almost all day every day for the last 5 days trying to resolve it, with no success, other than an offer from Vodafone of £100 compensation for telling me that the features would be available when they are not - £100 is hardly going to resolve the fundamental problem they have left me with!

16: Advanced member
16: Advanced member

I think I would be talking to a solicitor - nuff said?