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Crackling noise on my landline and restarts the Internet when the Homephone is used.

2: Seeker
2: Seeker

I've had this problem since I joined Vodafone back on the 8th Oct 2020. The Landline has alot of Noise on the line and when the Homephone is used like making a call or just picking up the Phone to hear the dial tone, not 10-15 seconds later the Internet on the Router will turn red and start reconnecting. I've had this problem when I was with TalkTalk but the problem was fixed quickly (24 hours) and it was fine for 2 weeks until a day before the Vodafone activation date.

I've used Vodafone's Live Chat 3 times and all 3 times they have told me what I wanted to hear "an Engineer will be appointed to go the cabinet, they'll e-mail or text you if they need to enter your home" and everytime no texts or e-mails and no Engineer shows up.  Going through the old have you turned off and on your router, plugged it in the test socket ect, being told an engineer will be sent out please wait 5 days before contacting us again, then the person never shows up and the problem isn't fixed.


16: Advanced member
16: Advanced member

That sounds like the problem may be at your end. Have you got a filtered socket or are you using a plug in filter?

Try in the test socket with a different filter if possible.

I've done all that yes. I've used different micro filters, I've used the Test Socket, I've plugged in the phone directly into the Test Socket and there's still noise on the line. Also don't forget I've had and done all these things when I was with TalkTalk and they found and fixed the problem. The Problem was the Telegraph Pole outside my home, the wires inside were frayed and the open reach engineer fixed the problem. The problem only came back a day before Vodafone's activation date. The Problem is not within my Property.

16: Advanced member
16: Advanced member

In that case you will have to keep on at Vodafone until they call out an Openreach engineer.

I've done multiple quiet line tests when I was using the Live Chat, also using the test socket. The Live Chat before have even said there's a copper line fault probably in the local area. It's alot of work just to get an Engineer called out.

 the Speed has been reduced by the Direct Management Line due to being put into stable mode because of the internet cutting and resetting.


I've used the Live Chat again, and again they said there's a fault on the line it takes 3-5 days to sort out you'll be contacted by Call,Text or Email when they need to enter your Home or the problem was been fixed which I haven't gotten.


It's not giving well for the first month of joining Vodafone.