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Landline not active after switching to Vodafone

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2: Seeker

I switched my Dad's broadband and landline over to Vodafone last month as he was being charged ridiculous amounts by BT. Vodafone sent him a new router, arranged for an engineer to visit to sort out the landline switch. The Openreach engineer attended the day after the activation date and when he left broadband was working perfectly but the landline was not working. You can't dial out. And if someone calls the landline number, they hear a message "This person's phone is currently unavailable." Vodafone said wait 24 hours and it should resolve itself. It did not. 


This was 2 weeks ago and since then I have contacted Vodafone 5 times, (3 via chat and twice by phone). Each time the agent I speak to tells me that they have raised a request and the problem will be sorted within 24-48 hours. It is still not working. The last agent told me the problem has been logged with the "higher technical team". I asked what do I do if the landline is still not working after 48 hours. She told me, "it will definitely be working in 48 hours". It's still not working! 


On top of this, Vodafone have now sent my Dad an email and text message saying that his first bill is ready and available to view online but he cannot log into his online account to see it. The login details that Vodafone sent don't work (I've tried many times, copied and pasted, checked that caps lock is not on etc). During one of my 5 attempts at contacting Vodafone an agent tried to reset the password and that didn't work either. It appears that the account set up has not been completed properly. 


On the router (Vodafone Wifi hub) the 'Internet' light is on solid white and broadband is working fine. The 'Phone' light is not on at all so I assume this means that the landline has not been set up. The phone is plugged into an adapter and the adapter is plugged into the TEL socket on the back of the router. I have factory reset the router to try to force it to download any updates but that didn't work either. 


Is there anything else I can try? I am fed up of being told to wait 24-48 hours by Vodafone agents. How do I get them to take this matter seriously and resolve the issue quickly? My parents are elderly and rely on the landline to speak to healthcare professionals so this is a big inconvenience for them. 


Any help gratefully received!  




16: Advanced member
16: Advanced member

As you are on digital voice, and the PHONE led is not lit it means your account has not been setup correctly. It should be a simple job for them to sort out.

As you are getting nowhere with standard support, I can only suggest raising an official complaint.

Complaints Code of Practice | Vodafone UK

I don't know what number you are using for support, but I always use 08080 034 515.

Hope you get it sorted soon.

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2: Seeker

deja-vu … lost track of how many times I’ve had the wait 24-48 hours advice. Incident now with 2nd or 3rd line technical support. Thankfully I am now able to logon to my online account although i had to wait until the activation plus a few days date despite receiving countless emails indicating online access was available pre-activation. I am in a slightly different position in that I can make landline calls but can only receive calls from certain telecom operators e.g. ones that can call me include lebara, vodafone, o2 ones that can’t include sky, plusnet, EE, Now broadband, virgin etc. It’s now over 2 weeks since the activation of the vdsl. I’ve raised a formal complaint using the online form after the offshore agents kept deflecting my requests to raise a compliant. It seems that vodafone don’t learn from their previous mistakes as other forum members have suffered exactly the same issues. The issue with the inability to logon for example has been raised repeatedly over the last few years. You think they could change the wording in the welcome emails after sign up for goodness sake. 

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2: Seeker

I am having the same trouble - have been on the Chat with Vodafone twice and mobile phone once so far, and still not resolved.  Very interested to read that others are having the same problem.

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16: Advanced member


If you are now on digital voice, and the PHONE led is not lit, you need to contact Vodafone and tell them,

Live chat is probably the easiest way.

router updates , switching TEL ports were done for me during a call that lasted 2 hours … an hour on hold and an hour troubleshooting :Sad_face:  just had pre-notification to expect a call today from the Vodafone Directors Office to discuss my complaint. Will update here afterwards.

That's one thing they asked, Jayach.  The phone LED is lit - everything looks like it should be working.  But it isn't.

I switched from Talk Talk full fibre broadband with landline to Vodafone on 7th October with a go live date of 31st October. Full Fibre 100MB Broadband is OK but still no phone, even though it worked with TT fibre hub. The LED is lit and flashes when they ring me but it cannot be answered. My phone is a BT Inspire 4 handset system. I went to buy a new phone setup for the landline from Curry's and was told that Vodafone don't do landlines anymore and that until VOIP was available I had no longer got a phone????? Is this correct. Does anybody have a working landline into a Version 3 Vodafone full fibre wifi hub?

i presume that you have plugged your BT master handset into the back of the router? Vodafone use VOIP for telephone calls rather then analogue PTSN which comes via the main BT socket. If you’re plugged into the router and still unable to make/receive calls you need to contact the Vodafone support folk. 

Yep, done that several times. New full fibre hub. Talk Talk full fibre hub phone worked OK. Need an honest person at VF to speak with but not possible it seems. May have managed to get an engineer visit, will post again.