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No way to connect landline phone to Vodafone hub ?

2: Seeker
2: Seeker

I have just moved to Vodafone Pro from BT fibre into the house. 

I have BT essentials cordless phones BT Essential Digital Home Phone | BT Help

which have no socket to connect to the hub.  Do I need new phones ?  I do not have phone wall sockets.


From information gathered on the forum, it appears that I can't use my existing phones, but need new ones that have to be connected physically to the V hub.  The hub is in an inaccessible cupboard & I would not want a phone in there.  Any thoughts would be much appreciated.  I have contacted V, but didn't get anywhere useful.

Many thanks Duncan


16: Advanced member
16: Advanced member

You connect your phone to the TEL1 or 2 sockets on the hub. If you remove the BT cable from the phone base you can use the "internet" cable that came with the hub to connect the phones base, or use and adapter such as®-Socket-Telephone-Adaptor-White/dp/B00EVS5UZ2/.

If you require the base to be away from the hub, will need to create some form of extension wiring.

Hi Jayach, that was my understanding of how the V hub works.  My problem is that the phone base does not have a socket for an adaptor.  The phones are purely wifi.

16: Advanced member
16: Advanced member

I don't know that phone base, if you look where the cable joins, the RJ11 plug should be removable. Might need to use something like a jewelers screwdriver. If not you will need the adaptor.

Edit, the adaptor goes at the hub end not the base.

16: Advanced member
16: Advanced member

Some of the BT Hubs have a built-in DECT base station.  If that's the case here then you'd now need a DECT base station.  The cheapest way to do this is going to be to get a single DECT phone with a base station and then pair your existing phones to it.

*It is possible to buy just a base station.  However, the base stations on their own are more expensive than a complete kit!  Or eBay!

Many thanks Crimson Liar

I will phone the company below to see if this can mate with my existing phones & is compatible with the V hub.

BT Elements Base Unit & PSU | Telephony Accessories | From £8.00 | BT-Elements-Base | PMC Telecom

To update & conclude this topic, I purchased a BT Everyday phone set, with the receiver base hard wired to the V hub (in the depths of a cupboard).  The slave unit is being used to charge the 2 handsets alternately.  Maybe not the most elegant of solutions, but it works !

ps, After discussion with PMC Telecom, the Elements base unit will not solve the problem, as it can't be hard wired to the hub.  Full marks to PMC for being helpful & giving good advice.

Hi duncan61,

I have just been on the same journey that you have been on after moving from BT Full Fibre 900 to Vodaphone Pro II 900. 

I have the same BT Essentials (DECT) phones without anywire but I took a punt on the BT Elements Base Unit and it does work but provides a similar solution that you have achieved. I plug the BT elements into the Vodaphone Pro router in the Tel 1 socket and that basically acts as a DECT transmitter and receiver which I can then pair the BT Essential Phones to. 

However, what I have learned is that much of the functionality of the BT Essentials Digital Phones is now disabled / not configurable. But hey, when someone calls my phone rings and I can answer my landline so it will do. 
Digital phones now pair with the Elements by pressing the buttonDigital phones now pair with the Elements by pressing the buttonBT Elements plugged into TEL1BT Elements plugged into TEL1

16: Advanced member
16: Advanced member


Not sure @duncan61 will know you have posted here unless you tag him. (which obviously I've now done)

But that is very interesting, so there is a way to use BT digital phones with other routers. 

Is this the device you are using?