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Unable to make outgoing calls

3: Seeker

I'm not sure how long the fault has been present as I usually use my mobile phone, but I've noticed I'm unable to make outgoing calls to a couple of numbers.


Since getting full fibre I've had to get used to dialling the full number, including area code, but that was no biggy.

However, now I can't call my parents landline.


They're on Virgin Media and I wondered if there was a fault their end. But I can call them using my mobile and my mother and father in law are both on VM and I can call them fine.


I'm wondering if it's likely to be a VF issue...Does any one else have similar problems?

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16: Advanced member

There have been similar posts, it sounds like your port hasn't been completed fully. Vodafone should definitely sort this out as the gaining provider, but I bet they are going to blame Virgin. Contact Vodafone and report the problem and see what happens.

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2: Seeker

If you put 1280 before the number you are calling does it then call my mums having that problem. phoned Vodafone several times and they've said that it was sorted but still nothing 3 months later and 4 technician visits in that time as well but its definitely something to do with Vodafone cause if you put 1280 before the number you dial it works everytime if anyone knows of a solution to this please let me know thanks

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