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Vodafone voip FTTP calling features

4: Newbie

It is ridiculous that Vodafone do not let you use Calling features with the exception of the 3 following:


Caller display

Anonymous caller rejection


Yes, anonymous caller rejection is free and is available on all voip lines by dialling *227# to switch on or #227# to turn it off although anyone calling you on withheld number won't hear a message, the call instantly cuts off as if its an invalid number.


But what about the other features which are mainly free on all voip providers including BT Digital voice and Vonage? 


Call waiting

Call Diversion

Call baring

Quick dial

They are the basics!


Vodafone complaints told me its because the service is new, and?

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Hi @nick_london I appreciate your frustration here. Whilst these extras aren't available now, that's not to say they won't be available in the future. We're always updating and upgrading our services, so I'd recommend keeping an eye on our website and social media channels for all of the exciting updates!

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