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Vodafone customers using android phones are targeted with scam messages


Please be aware of scam messages being sent to Vodafone customers using android devices.  The message content relates to Vodafone points redemption scheme.  Vodafone are not sending these messages and this is a scam - please DO NOT click on the link.


If you receive one of these messages, do not click on the link within the message - just click Report Spam in your messaging app.

Please note - If you have entered your card details into the fraudulent web page, please contact your bank immediately. 

Please be vigilant when receiving messages from unknown numbers.  Forward any spam texts to 7726 – our free spam text reporting service.  Alternatively, if you're using an Android device, you can also tap the Report Spam button in the messaging app. This button will be displayed if the message is from someone who isn't in your Contacts, or if it looks suspicious to Google.