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Mobile Broadband

Data Dongle K4203 stopped working since Mac OS Mojave update. No longer compatible!

1: Seeker

My dongle connects on the app but it does not provide working broadband since I upgraded my Mac to OS Mojave. I read that the app is 32bit and that future software after Mojave will be 64bit and so the dongle won't work. A pop up showed warning it was no longer compatible even though its meant to be upgrades AFTER Mojave?


I use this dongle for work as my workplace doesn't have a phone line/internet etc so its CRUCIAL. I need a working dongle urgently but had no idea doing a standard upgrade on my laptop would cause this issue!


Any ideas?!

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Hey @wakewaterblue, it sounds like it's no longer compatible; especially as you've received a pop up confirming this. I understand how frustrating this must be and know how important it is to stay connected.

How long have you had your K4203 for, do you have the option to upgrade it? You can check this using your My Vodafone or by getting in touch with our Upgrades team via Live Chat

Please let me know what they advise and don't hesitate to get back in touch if you have any further questions.

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