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Mobile Broadband

Erratic Broadband on Voxi

2: Seeker

We've been using VOXI for home broadband for around a year now and so far it has worked fine.


Just about a week ago all of this changed as the service became extremely erratic and generally will not load many web sites. The error message comes up as follows



This site can’t be reached unexpectedly closed the connection.



As you will see I couldn't even link to this forum site (yes, this is the second time I have had to write this post !). This happens for ANY web address (BBC, yahoo, Met office weather, anything...)


The problem is on all devices (PC, MAC, phone) and all started during the same period.


This pointed to the Samsung phone which we use as the broadband hub (tethering) so I changed this to use my own phone (Galaxy A20 – so not an old device) and the problem was the same.


I have called/online-chatted with Vodafone/VOXI probably around 10 times now.


I have reset the phone.

Reset APN settings.

Re-installed the SIM card.

Disconnected from Vodafone network (to EE obviously no service)and then reconnected back to Vodafone.

Do not use the handset as a hotspot for 24 hours (????)


All as requested by the Vodafone helpline staff.


Sometimes, a page will load as just text, rather than HTML. This form of operation I believe the browser defaults to, if the throughput is extremely limited (designed years ago for dial up).


The problems seem to coincide with

  1. The local cell site was down last week for a day. The local signal strength went to 1 bar for the day and is now back up at 5 bars. My inference is that there was some maintenance at the local cell site.

  2. Start of VOXI's special offer to allow unlimited streaming of U-tube, Netflix etc on its' data plans over £15 per month.


So we are left with a completely erratic service which is not useable. Certainly can't be used for any banking sites, as the connection is just randomly lost.


As I have outlined above, I have tried and tried with Vodafone's helpdesk staff, but they just have very basic suggestions or resetting the phone. I asked them to raise a trouble ticket for this but they said that they didn't consider this to be a network problem (which actually, I do).


This forum message is a last ditch attempt to solve this problem, otherwise we will have to move to another service provider in the next month when the plan expires. The service is just completely erratic.


Any suggestions or help would be gratefully received.

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10: Established

Here's what may be the issue - Voxi is designed as MOBILE PHONE service, and you state you're using it to run a Home Broadband Service. It's not designed for that type of use at all. Mobile services can be susceptible to all sorts of issues, ranging from Mast issues to weather conditions and believe it or not, even tree growth.

I would normally only suggest using a Mobile service for Home Broadband as a last resort, due to the above issues and more.

When you swapped to using a different phone, did you use the same Voxi SIM in both phones? If so, then you may have tripped some sort of Fair Usage policy on the account by over-usage of the system. (For example, most networks quote Unlimited SMS on their plans, but small print states that continuous heavy usage would be against a Fair Usage policy. Voxi may have the same for data)


If you're having the same issue with different SIMs and handsets, then the issue would point to a Network Issue in the area.


Whatever the issue, my recommendation remains the same - if at all possible switch to a service designed for Mobile Broadband, either Mobile, or Landline based..


I wish you well in achieving a solution suitable for your needs

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2: Seeker

Thanks for the reply/suggestions.

We are well within the monthly allowance on the data cap.  


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