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HUAWEI 4G CPE Pro 2 and Vodafone 4G unlimited data plan performance issues

2: Seeker
2: Seeker

Hi All


i recently moved from Three Mobile to Vodafone unlimited data plan for our home broadband. i had no issues with Three for 2 years until they downgraded our local service to work on provisioning 5G. 


since moving to VF i have been plagued with issues many of which are already detailed on this community but i personally do not have a 100% solution as yet so i thought i'd throw it open for help. 


essentially the problem is that despite good signal strength and download speed web page loading is erratic or slow and it's not specific to a device type. a web page either loads ok, stalls whilst loading or doesn't load with the option button to "reload". you can occasionally hit reload several times and it will trigger and load. sometimes the web page will load with text only. 


i was originally assured that my HUAWEI B535-232 unlocked from Three would work but i would say it was about 80% ok and the web page loading issue was unacceptable. after some back and forth on twitter and readings on this community i bought the tp-link Archer mr600 which was no better (worse in fact) but finally realised i probably needed a router with more configurable apn so i now have a CPE Pro 2.


so here's the deal. the router out of the box establishes an apn for VF Other and this works but with the issues i describe. the house set up is semi complicated. i have set the router ethernet wan/lan port to "lan only" vis router settings and i have a tenda nova mesh primary node connected on this port. the node/mesh runs in bridge mode disabling it's dhcp and using the dhcp service of the router. ALL my wireless devices connect to the wifi of the mesh network and the router wifi is not used bar one or two devices for connecting and checking configuration. in this configuration the issues DO NOT occur or occurrence is almost 0. web page loading is fast and consistent. exactly what i expect and pay for.


now, my house is ethernet wired so i make use of the wired infrastructure for devices like tv and sky. in the vicinity of the router i use a netgear ethernet switch connected to the second lan port of the router and in the switch i have wired devices as well wired devices across the house via the wired network and more switches.


so after lots of testing if i turn off and/or disconnect every wired device in the house and connect the lg tv to the switch to the router i get the issues!!!! it seems as simple as that. the only resolution that seems to improve things is a new apn based on the default one but connect type "IPV4 only" in stead of "IPV4 & IPV6". and using seems to indicate IPV6 is not available via my VF 4G service. 


conclusion, in this final configuration i am able to enable all wired and wireless devices but i would say i'm about 90% ok. web page loading fails less but is noticeably slower. and fundamentally i do not understand why sending any traffic through the routers second ethernet port starts the issue and forces me to disable IPV6.


i would be happy for any help out there or even if someone even bothers to read this.


thanks all