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Fair usage policy on unlimited data max mobile broadband

2: Seeker
2: Seeker

Can anyone from Vodafone explain how the fair usage policy works? After 600gb will I be cut off? The online advert claims its unlimited with no catches but then in the contract it says if you use 600gb twice in a 6 month period you may be moved onto another plan or disconnected. I have called Vodafone and emailed and chatted online and I can not get a straight answer I logged a complaint and cant get a clear answer. Majority of people on the phone say there is no fair usage policy other than when roaming but thats not what the contract says. @Mark 


4: Newbie

Hi @Fairusagepolicy, I have always wondered the same thing. When I joined Vodafone May 23 there was nothing I could see in my contract about a 600gb fair usage policy. Then in August 23 they updated the 'Vodafone Acceptable use policy' section 3c that states a limit of 600gb is applicable on unlimited plans.

This was really annoying as I had moved from 'Three' who I'd been with for 15 years and over that time exceeded 600gb numerous times with no issues at all.

When I was sold the Vodafone unlimited max sim only deal there was no 600gb limit in my contract and it was sold as truly unlimited data by the salesperson in the store.

I've not actually gone over 600gb in the 12 months I've been with Vodafone but have used 500-550gb a few times and not had a problem. This tends to be when downloading a few PlayStation games that all come out around the same time so completely personal use and using the unlimited data for what I signed up for. 

If anybody is able to shed some light on the original question from @Fairusagepolicy regarding what happens if you go over 600gb more than twice, that would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks, 


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi both! Our Acceptable Use Policy can be found here. The section that discusses the 600GB threshold is 3c. In it, it states "Where Vodafone notices a Customer’s data usage exceeds 600GB per month twice or more in a 6-month period, Vodafone may investigate whether your use of the Service is inconsistent with this policy. Following such an investigation, if we determine or reasonably suspect that your usage is for purposes other than the permitted use then Vodafone reserve the right to transfer you to a more suitable plan or take other action in line with this policy." I hope this helps 😊

Its still not very clear to me what exactly would happen when I called I was told I could be cut off with no warning as it is automatic. Is this the case? Or would you only be cut off if an investigation showed that you were not using internet as a consumer. Ive seen that someone got a warning for using 1tb and was told that would equate to 500 hours of video but the mobile broadband says you can connect 32 devices so this would be possible and wouldnt mean it was being used for commercial purposes or in breach of the policy ie doing anything illegal. 

4: Newbie

I must admit although I don't hit 1TB a month it would be very easy to hit. At a typical 150Mbps 5G speed that would only give you 30 minutes of downloading a day and nothing else. At 300Mbps only 15 minutes of downloading a day. When you start adding video streaming, gaming, Web browsing on top and then multiple devices you could hit it very quick.

I appreciate it's using a phone network and the advice would be to do it though a fibre connection if a available but my issue is selling it as unlimited when it should he sold as a 600GB package.

I rememeber downloading the latest call of duty (120GB) at 300Mbps as I'm in a decent 5G area and it took less than an hour. At that speed your data would be gone for the month in less than 8 hours. 

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi @Fairusagepolicy and @Lee_Paul - thanks for you feedback regarding the description of the plan. If this investigation was to happen, you'd be notified before any disconnection or block taking place.