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Mobile Broadband

Gigacube 5G using loads of data

3: Seeker

Hi all.

From January 2020 to beginning of December 2020 I was using an R219 mobile broadband device with unlimited data. During that time my average monthly data use was 60GB. As this device only connects up to 10 devices and I could sometimes have 11 connected I decided to go with a Gigacube on 100GB which going by the previous 12 months average should be ample and I chose the 5G version just to future proof myself ready for when 5G is available. In the December period, the first month with the Gigacube, I almost used my 100GB allowance but I put that down to my two teenage granddaughters being here on Christmas day and being almost constantly on their phones on YouTube etc. This month I have already used 70GB and I still have 16 days to go, I've done nothing different with how I use the internet in fact I now log into my neighbour's wifi (with consent) on my laptop and phone, I've turned the wifi connection off on both my TVs and double checked that auto update is disabled on all phones and ipads/laptop. As I say definitely nothing has changed with my usage so could there a problem with the Gigacube, has anyone else had this problem. Certainly don't want to up my plan and pay another £10 a month. Wish, to be honest I stuck with the R219.

So, any help or advice welcome.


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Hi @C-J-W - while we'd be unable to see what apps or sites were used with your data, you should be able to view a breakdown of your usage for certain days when logging into your GigaCube's admin page. To do this, please follow our steps below:


  • Connect your GigaCube via Wi-Fi and in the internet browser type and hit enter to load the webpage
  • To login, use the default admin password on the label of the GigaCube's base
  • In the Statistics tab, click Data Plan 
  • From the Start Date dropdown, choose the day (you'll only be able to view the current calendar month)
  • In the Monthly data plan option, type the amount of data you have with your plan. By setting the percentage of the threshold you can use this as an indicator in the app of how much data has been used

By using My Vodafone online, you may be able to view a full breakdown on your usage on per day. Please let us know if this helps!

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