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Mobile Broadband

Huawei 5G CPE Pro - support for bridge mode (or equivalent)

1: Seeker

I've received my 5G CPE Pro router. My situation is that I need to daisy chain a second router (a Vigor 2860) off the CPE Pro but I need to leave DHCP enabled on the Vigor. I've checked and the firmware is up-to-date, and the two routers are issuing IP addresses in two separate non-overlapping ranges.

The first thing I looked at was enabling bridge mode on the CPE Pro. I can't find any configuration for bridge mode so that's a non-starter. First router I've seen in a long time that doesn't offer bridge mode or something equivalent that I can use (like turning the router into a modem, as Virgin Media's Netgear ones do).

My second approach was to configure the CPE Pro's DMZ, selecting the second router as the DMZ in the settings. There are some supposedly authoratitive articles on the web that say this will work. It doesn't in this instance. The machines attached to the second router don't have a good connection. DNS resolution works, ping works, other network traffic to the internet is broken. In other words, double NAT.

Simply daisy chaining the second router obviously doesn't work - I get classic double NAT - DNS resolution works, ping works, other network traffic to the internet is broken.

Any suggestions before I phone to cancel the contract and return the router for a refund?

As an aside I get some wicked latency and jitter during weekdays (figures for the weekend were pretty good apart form an occasional glitch). That's possibly going to mean that the 5G network isn't really ready to replace a hardwired internet connection just yet.

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Thanks for getting in touch with us @surfsoft. I'd love to be able to offer you some support here on the community but (if i'm being 100% honest) you've reached the extent of my knowledge in regards to being able to bridge these routers. We do have a lot of technical support over on our social media though. Please drop us a message on Twitter - @VodafoneUK or Facebook - Vodafone UK.

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4: Newbie

Putting a second router in the DMZ of the first is still double NAT, it is just that all the ports that are not explicitly forwarded somewhere else are router to the NAT IP address. The second router still has a private IP address which in itself isn't great.


Unfortunately I beleive that Vfe are providing CGNAT private IP addresses - basically you are sharring a public IP with lots of other people, so port forwarding isn't possible. It is a network restriction. 


The only solution is a tunnel over the celluar IP connection that allows port forwarding.



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