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Vodafone Gigacube 5g is a very low quality device

2: Seeker
2: Seeker

I recently got a 5g Gigacube for home internet, and have been running into no end of issues with it. The primary problems I've had - but by no means the only problems - are:


1. The device's DNS resolver frequently breaks, and starts redirecting all traffic to http://giga.cube/ ( The only way to fix this is to reboot the device.


I completely lose my connection and have to reboot everything at least twice a day.


2. The antenna ports on the device are incorrectly labeled everywhere - all online docs, paper manuals, and even the stencil on the device itself refer to them as TS9 antenna ports - they are not! They are CRC9 ports, so TS9 antenna leads are 0.5mm too large for the plugs, and _cannot be connected to this device_. CRC9 connectors are somewhat more difficult to source.


I need to use an external antenna because I am apparently right on the signal border between two cells, and the device cannot decide which one to stay connected to, so it often flaps back and forth between towers, frequently dropping my connection for a few seconds at a time.


3. The device does not support bridge mode, despite what Vodafone told me when I was signing up for service. This effectively means that I cannot use my existing Unifi router and networking equipment with this connection.


The router capabilities of this device are extremely limited, so being able to use my own equipment is a necessity.


4. The naming of this device means that it is almost impossible to search the internet for details specific to it, and Vodafone offers almost nothing in the way of manuals or documentation - most things online refer to the 4g Gigacube, on which almost all details are different (manufactured by TCL instead of Huawei, different capabilities and features, different physical characteristics, etc).


Am I the only one who's extremely disappointed at how bad this device is? Are there any alternatives available?


2: Seeker
2: Seeker

Thanks for posting and summing up. Thought I was losing it. Experi3ncing exactly the same problems. Is there any recourse to get refunded or replaced with working and standards compliant device?