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Payg sim not working on Huawei 5g router

2: Seeker
2: Seeker


I bought an unlocked Huawei H112- 370 (5G CPE Pro) router and inserted a vodafone payg sim, but it is not working. I inserted the sim into my phone and it is working. Any ideas what is wrong? The 4g light on the router turns on but not the 5g light.




17: Community Champion
17: Community Champion

This will be your settings @male   See here Getting Started with Mobile Brodband under How do I set up my new SIM?


Also take a look at data services on Device Guides here: Device Guides 

I tried the API from that link and it did not work unfortunately.

17: Community Champion
17: Community Champion

As you are still having problems @male speak to Vodafone through customer service channels, live chat should get this solved for you and make sure you have your data working.

Ahh hold fire. It seems the data plan I paid for when I ordered the sim has not been applied.

If signal strength is unstable or no signal icon is displayed on the status bar, you can try these solutions.

Remove the Magnetic and Metal Case

The interference of metal and magnetic materials may cause a poor signal. If you are using a metal case, magnetic case, or magnetic phone holder, etc., please remove the case or holder and try again.

Move to Another Location

The carrier’s network coverage varies with the area, and the phone signal may be blocked in some enclosed indoor environments. You can go outdoors to check whether the phone signal can return to normal.

Reset Access Point Names

Incorrect APN settings will prevent your phone from accessing the Internet. Go to Settings > Mobile network > Mobile data > Access Point Names (APNs) > , tap Reset to default.

Click the arrow to check the next step

Reset Network Settings

Open Settings, search for and touch Reset network settings, then tap RESET NETWORK SETTINGS. After resetting, your data about Wi-Fi, Mobile and Bluetooth settings will all be erased and need to be manually reset.

Click the arrow to check the next step

If the above methods don’t work, you can open Support App, go to Quick services on the Services page. Tap Live chat to consult customer service for relevant solutions; or tap Service centers to locate the nearest HUAWEI Customer Service Center, then take your proof of purchase and navigate there for professional help.



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