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Wifi calling - prefer wifi

2: Seeker
2: Seeker

Hi there,

Recently switched from 1pmobile(EE mvno) to pay monthly.

I have lost the option on my s23 to be able to choose "prefer wifi" in the wifi calling menu as described here:

this was present on my previous network and therefore the issue is not my phone. 

This is important to me as the signal in my flat is not good, but wifi calling only activates when the signal is at 0 bars. This means dropped calls and poor voice quality. 

On this post:

user PHewson69 confirms via samsung, (who told me the same thing), that it is disabled by network.


Hey, Paul! According to the requirement of Vodafone UK, the Wi-Fi preferred mode is set as "CS preferred". Wi-Fi calling can be available when the LTE signal is lower than -116 dBm."

However, no-one at vodafone seems to know about this, keeps trying to turn on wifi calling itself, which i have said is already enabled. 


On this post:

User Pixel5Man says that someone at Vodafone can enable this feature! 

"I had same issue and they said they sent settings etc. But still didn't show. The I spoke to another guy who simply sorted it whilst I was on phone on my WiFi. It appeared in call settings straight away."


Does anyone know who to ask to get the response Pixel5Man got? It's just what I need!


Thanks and have a good day!





Hi @pineconehouse If the troubleshooting found via our Device Guides does not resolve things for you, please reach out to our Social Media Team via the information found here and we'll get things looked into further. 

i've called twice already, and while the person on the phone was nice and knew what I was talking about and even reprovisioned my phone, they couldn't make the menu appear and said the system didn't have an option to let them do it. 


I'd guess we'll never know how pixel5man solved it, although it does seem strange that it did work for somebody. 

16: Advanced member
16: Advanced member

Vodafone think they know better than you and restrict the option to prefer wifi calling as their "technical" people think VoLTE should be used and VoWiFi is a backup. You will not find anyone who can explain this as no one with any technical skills is allowed anywhere near punters.

Some phones do let you, but these tend to be ones where Vodafone don't sell them so don't fiddle about with the ability to restrict it.