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IP11 Felixstowe - Extremely slow internet and packet loss

2: Seeker
2: Seeker

cloudflare speed test.png

 ^ packet loss is around 10%, tested multiple times. download speed says 19.1 Mbps, but it's not consistent, very bad internet connection. You can see the result says bad.


I have a mobile broadband, the name of the product I bought is Vodafone 4G Mobile Hotspot.

Since June/July where I first got this, the internet was very slow, no way near the expectation.

 Playing online game has been very laggy, unplayable due to packet loss.

Youtube or anything other video streaming platform are very slow as well.

I thought the potential problem might be the vodafone R228t hotspot device, so I purchased a highend mobile router and inserted only the sim card.

It is exactly the same, nothing has changed.

I am using ethernet cable, and only one device (my pc) is connected to the router. and it's so slow where it's almost unusable.

I work from home twice a week and my connection during video meetings is extremely poor as well, so I use my mobile phone.

Please help me with this. thanks.



Hey @flflvm97 

I know how frustrating signal and connection issues can be. If you pop your postcode into the Network Status Checker you'll be able to see if there are any issues, outages or maintenance works in an area that could be impacting your service. If there is a known issue in the area you can sign up for updates by clicking on the alert flag. If maintenance works are ongoing and we have an expected date on when the issues will be resolved, then more details will be provided within the alerts flag.

You can also see the expected speeds you can achieve in any postcode. If you are falling below the minimum expected speeds, or your signal is worse than the checker suggests and there are no issues in the area, please come and get in touch with the Social Media team so that we can investigate this further.

Thanks for this @Robyn ,

I've done the coverage checker, and there's no issue or any ongoing maintenance work, and the speed is way lower than the expected speeds.

I clicked your link to Social Media team, but the link is not working. How do I get in touch with Social Media team?


Ooops sorry about that, can you try these ones for me: Facebook or via X (formerly Twitter)