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R212 Firmware Upgrade

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Could someone please tell me where I can get the firmware upgrade for the R212.  I bought an R212 a couple of days ago to replace an old 3G MiFi that I had as we now have 4G coverage in our area.  While I get good download speeds of 30Mbs from 3 out of 5 bars on 4G, surfing the web is painfully slow as the browser (Chrome) constantly says Resolving Host... which I assume means it is doing a DNS lookup.  My diagnostics are:


Product nameR212-Z
Software VersionBD_R212V3.1
Web UI Version2.008.5513
Hardware VersionVer.B(T3)


I am hoping the 3.5 firmware upgrade will help resolve this.  Could someone please let me know where I can download this from and how to install it.




You need to factory reset the device, then it wil see it. I had the same problem :Smiling:

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Hello James,


Having the same symptoms as described by others. Although set up to connect automatically to the 4G network (automatic while roaming, too) the connection is not made after starting the R212. I need to logon - goto mobile networks - connections - change nothing - and save, in order to get connection with the 4G network (actually: 3G as R212 doesn't support the LTE bands over here :Sad_face: ). Same issue when R212 is powered on and the first device reconnects again after being off the wifi network for a while.


I'm currently in the US for work and it is really bugging... Can you please send over the latest beta firmware? Highly appreciated!




Hi everyone,


The software we use to send the firmware is currently experiencing problems. I've made a note of this thread and as soon as we get access, I'll forward the updates to you.




Matt B

Any news when your distribution system might be back up and running? I am off on a business trip on friday and could do with a working mi-fi.




Hi garethdenzil and EricDeVries,


@garethdenzil - I've emailed you the relevant Firmware update.


@EricDeVries - Please update your email address on your eForum profile as I can't see one. As soon as you've done this, post back below and we'll send the firmware over.



Matt B

I'm having problem on my r212 can i have the firmware update?

Can I get the link to the beta firmware as i'm having the same problems

Hi AhmedNassry,


Please update your email address on your eForum profile as I can't see one. As soon as you've done this, post back below and we'll send the firmware over.





Ok , updated email. One more question  what should i do if my device stuck at firmware upgrade and reset button didn't work?




Thanks for the firmware, it downloaded fine.


Only problem I have is the updater tool can't see the device, comes up with the message 'no device found'. I have tried both a win 7 and win 8 machine but so far no joy. Any ideas what I am doing wrong? I have installed the wi-fi software so the drivers are definately installed.


thanks in advance




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I had to reset my device to factory settings before then update would recognise the unit and progress to update the firmware



Good luck