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R212 Firmware Upgrade

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2: Seeker



Could someone please tell me where I can get the firmware upgrade for the R212.  I bought an R212 a couple of days ago to replace an old 3G MiFi that I had as we now have 4G coverage in our area.  While I get good download speeds of 30Mbs from 3 out of 5 bars on 4G, surfing the web is painfully slow as the browser (Chrome) constantly says Resolving Host... which I assume means it is doing a DNS lookup.  My diagnostics are:


Product nameR212-Z
Software VersionBD_R212V3.1
Web UI Version2.008.5513
Hardware VersionVer.B(T3)


I am hoping the 3.5 firmware upgrade will help resolve this.  Could someone please let me know where I can download this from and how to install it.




You need to factory reset the device, then it wil see it. I had the same problem :Smiling:

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Hi worldhosted,


I've not seen that happening before. I'm not sure it's software related.


Try a different browser to see if it still happens.


Also, it may help to flush the DNS cache. Which version of the Mac OS are you running?



Good day James


Regarding this issue, could you please assist with the link for firmware upgrade? I have ongoing problems with my ZTE R212 where it disconnects and when connected it doesn’t take me to the internet but rather reroute me back to the modem.


I am at the stage now where i cannot use the device at all, once i connect device (laptop, phone) it disconnects the device completely and when i had it connected it would disconnect and not reconnect automatically.


I have tried the setting that has been provided in a few sites but still seem to fail.


You help would be greatly appreciated.



16: Advanced member
16: Advanced member

Hi ydelong


I believe that you can click here to get the latest firmware


For goodness sake!


Have you actually clicked through those links? Stop posting useless information.

16: Advanced member
16: Advanced member

@nickdiacre wrote:

Have you actually clicked through those links? Stop posting useless information.

Yes, I have and it states:


If you need to update the firmware to a new version then a firmware update tool will be made available on the Vodafone Global Support website. If there is not a tool available on the website, then no firmware upgrade has been made available yet for the R212 so you cannot update the firmware.


You'd need to keep an eye on this page and this page also. 



I have read through this thread and noticed that a number of people post replies with "fixes" and i appreciate the willingness to help but did anyone actually tested the links and "upgrades" provided. I am out in South Africa and the device worked really nice (for the short time that it did) despite the price. Not even ZTE offer support for this unit due to Vodafone branding (exclusivity) so im sitting with a paper weight at the cost of R1900.00 and still no wireless internet.

So until an update becomes available you should just stay without it?


So vodafone does not acknowledge that this device is a problem and should be fixed? This is a year later and with my technical knowledge i am pretty sure that it does not take that long to come up with a solution.

Correction.... almost 2 years later

Found something interesting in this regard, will share findings after testing 🙂

Vodafone Technical team,


You are embarassing yourselves sending the links to the mobile broadband software over and over again, even after being told this isn't the firmware by the 'non technical' public.


Some of the technical team do seem to know how to send the firmware, I have received it myself, do only half the team get proper training?