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Mobile Broadband

R219h Mobile Internet Device - change SSID and WiFi password

2: Seeker
2: Seeker

This is not a question, it is information on how to change the SSID and WiFi password on a R219h mobile broadband router. I feel it is worth posting because I cannot find a manual for this device, and the Huawei AI life phone app did not work for making these changes.

I received my R219h mobile broadband unit yesterday (28 July 2020) and I needed to change the SSID and WiFi password . I also wanted to know whether it uses 2.4 Ghz, 5 Ghz, or both.

As directed by the leaflet, I connected to the R219h using the supplied SSID and password, installed the Huawei AI life app on my mobile phone, and attempted to reconfigure my device. Under WiFi settings, there are options to change the SSID and the WiFi Password. However when I tried to save them, it told me the router is going to restart (promising), said saving changes (still promising) and then immediately failed. I tried this multiple times and then I contacted support by online chat.

I had to be transferred to another department, but they told me to go to using an ordinary internet web browser on my phone and login with password of admin. However first of all you get to a page that offers the option of download the app, or go to webpage. I already have the app (it doesn’t work for this, as explained above), and when I tried to go to webpage yesterday, it did not work. However it did work today and I was able to logon to my R219h device directly on the next webpage presented. I should add that I had managed to change my admin password yesterday using the AI life app, so I had to use the new password, not ‘admin'. Once on the router, I was able to successfully change the WiFi SSID and the password. I also determined that it transmits on 2.4 Ghz. There does not appear to be any 5 Ghz capability.

I hope this helps some-one as it was driving me up the wall yesterday evening.

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