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Mobile Broadband

Roaming Time Cap

2: Seeker

HI,  Recently took out a SIM data only contract for our 4G mobile router.  Deal is for 100gb p.m. £24 p.m.  Sales assistant assured me it could all be used roaming with no restrictions, this is important as we spend up to 5 months at a time in Portugal.  Friend then warned me that he had to cancel as they imposed 2 months limit on foreign roaming after which extra charges.  I checked this with accounts who said he was correct so, I cancelled contract.


Now being told by others and today by Vodafone sales that there is no cap and all allowance can be used abroad with no time limit.  Can find nothing in terms and conditions for data only sims so, can anyone point me to them?  Thanks, Graham.

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17: Community Champion

Hi @GrahamFr 


The best way to answer the question is to link you to this previous thread where it will be explained

Although you are using mobile broadband the same will apply.

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2: Seeker

Thanks but it doesn't answer the question.  Different Vodafone departments are giving conflicting information and no-one can point me to written terms and conditions which give a definitive answer.

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