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Vodafone 5G Mobile Hotspot 2022 not showing 5G

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2: Seeker

Dear All,


Apologies to bother you all with this. I have recently taken a new Vodafone 5g Mobile Hotspot 2022 connection.


The device is activated, however, on the home screen next to the signal strength bars it always shows "Vodafone UK 4G" 

The customer service bloke checked my postcode and confirmed that 5G was available and I checked myself today on the coverage checker as well. Please can you advise --- how do I activate 5G on the Mobile Hotspot? 


Many thanks,




Hey @Vaswani It's disappointing to hear that you are having trouble connecting to the 5G network! As you have already had it confirmed that 5G is available in your area, please pop a message to our Social Media team here. They can securely access your account and run a quick test to make sure that the SIM connected to your device is 5G registered. If it isn't, they can get this fixed for you. They can also run a more detailed check of the network in your area to ensure there are no issues with the 5G masts. 

Follow these steps in order to try some of the easier fixes first:


Turn airplane mode on, wait a few seconds, and then turn it back off. It will temporarily terminate your connection to the cell tower and then force it to try again.

Restart your phone. See how to reboot an Android device or restart an iPhone for all the steps.

Restarting isn't a fun process because it could be several minutes before you get back into your phone and everything loads back up, but this is an easy step you shouldn't overlook.

This step is for restarting/rebooting your phone, not resetting. Restart and reset are different terms that will do different things to your phone. Resetting is one of the steps below, but don't do it this early in the troubleshooting process.

Verify that there is 5G coverage where you are. While 5G has been deployed worldwide, there are huge gaps that make it unreliable in lots of areas.

If you have a 5G-capable phone and you've been on a 5G network recently, moving even a few feet can push you back to an older standard like LTE/4G.

The company you buy mobile service from most likely has a coverage map on their website to see where you can get dependable service, but if not, check out the Ookla 5G Map at

There are multiple kinds of 5G networks, and your carrier could support some that your phone does not. For example, if the map shows low-band and mid-band coverage where you are, but 5G isn't showing up on your phone, it could be because your phone only supports 5G UWB.

Confirm with your carrier that 5G is included in your plan. If a 5G network doesn't show up on your device even when you're in an area that's supposed to be supported, it could be because you're not paying for 5G access.

Most companies include 5G in most of their plans but check with your carrier for specifics.

Turn 5G on or off, depending on your situation.

Turn it off if it's already on, but you can't reach the network. That way, at least your phone will work on an older network type, like LTE.

Unfortunately, this might be the only solution because sometimes it's the 5G tower to blame, and there's nothing else you can do. It's most likely your situation if there's a specific tower near you that you consistently have trouble connecting to, but 5G works in other places.

However, if you've completed those steps before, and that's why you can't access the network, reverse those steps to turn it on.

You can turn an iPhone's 5G on or off in the Voice & Data area of the settings. Search for Preferred network type or Network mode if you're on Android.



Rachel Gomez

Dear @RachelGomez123 


Many thanks for your generic reply.


I request you to read my initial post....this is not a phone I am talking about. Not an iPhone or an Android phone. 


I am talking about a mobile hotspot device / dongle ...latest model ZTE in colour with a small touch screen.

Please read my post and give a reply accordingly. 


Kind regards,





Phone or hotspot dongle, it's hard to get past the generic replies no matter which avenue you try.

I have spent many hours trying to get my phone to see 5G (Samsung Galaxy S20+ 5G),  "Try this, restart, then wait up to 24 hours" is the usual mantra. They say they will call back and don't.  Given up on it for the moment until my patience bank has recovered.