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Mobile Broadband

Wifi issues

2: Seeker

Morning all

I have been with EE for quite some time and decided to switch to a Vodafone unlimited data as in the last few months it seems my speed has been severely restricted in the evenings to the extent it would be slower than my wired internet (which is slow)


I have an Huawei B525 and use Deco Wifi extenders and it seems when I switch the sim cards in the router the quality of the wifi drops significantly but wired seems to be fine. Any one any idea why this is? I put the EE sim card back in and it works fine again

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Hi @bluehero123 Which Unlimited plan are you currently on? Our Unlimited Lite and standard Unlimited plans have maximum download speeds which may be causing the speeds you're experiencing. You've mentioned that the speeds seem their slowest in the evening, do you notice any drops at other times of the day?

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