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R219 MiFi device keeps switching itself off

I've had similar units in the past without issue. Vodafone have already swapped the new unit, but the replacement is doing the same thing of just switching itself off -  as in I have to go to the R219 and push the power button to start it again.I've ...

R218h sleeps when data runs out or without sim?

Hi, I generally use my r218h when I'm on holiday, but recently at home I tried to use it as a standalone router (without internet) to try and separate off some of my wifi devices to diagnose a wifi speed issue I have on my vodafone broadband router. ...

Matt2_uk by 3: Seeker
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Super slow gigacube 4g.

Joined vodafone a month ago and it has been a nightmare. They promised super speeds and it would ideal for my needs but it has been nothing of the sort. I contacted them and they couldn't answer me except with wait until the works have finished in yo...

JMVJ by 2: Seeker
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K5161 Disconnecting USB 4G

Hey there, Been using the K5161 Dongle with Unlimited Max data plan for the past 30 days with almost no coverage or connection issues. 2 days ago I upgraded my computer and moved over to Windows 10 (from 7). And downloaded the relevant Vodafone Windo...

Adding a datapack

When I try to buy a datapack with my balance it repeatedly fails to work and I have to call Customer Services to add it. I notice that my account type is 'Other pay monthly' and I was told yesterday I was on a 30-day contract. No - I have never taken...

Strange excessive data use on mobile broadband

As per other posts on this subject, data usage showing regular round number data usage, 1000.00MB , 750.00MB 400.00MB etc, along with more plausible variable usage that would reflect the actual usage (light surfing) of the device. The data usage is o...

Robin_1 by 2: Seeker
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WiFi hotspot

I have an iPad and want to connect it to a wireless printer. At the moment I only have mobile data, would the Vodafone r219 mobile WiFi hotspot do the job of giving me WiFi? Also could it give me WiFi on my windows 7 laptop?

Geeg by 1: Seeker
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HUAWEI B528 Port Fowarding?

Does anyone know where the Port Forwarding option is on this router? I’ve looked everywhere and I can’t find it.  I’ve looked at other similar routers online and they have it under security-virtual server or security-port forward. But it’s no where t...

Didgey by 3: Seeker
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Hi, Has anyone with the Gigacube had recent drop outs? Its been performing well for quite a few months but recently its been shockingly bad and dropping down to 1mbps with a previous of 30mbps on average. I was wandering if Vodafone has done anything...

10hartz by 2: Seeker
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