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Stopping Vodafone stupidity

Two years ago I tried to buy a Vodafone service which I never received and therefore cancelled. After wasting hours and hours of my time and theirs they agreed to cancel the account. Then after months they passed the ‘debt’ to Ardent debt collectors....

Wireless network adapter settings

I'm connecting to my R218h modem/router with my Windows 10 laptop's built-in Broadcom 802.11n adapter, and I'm finding that the connection is often broken. Usually, all it takes to re-establish the connection is to disconnect and then re-connect. Thi...

Firedog by 3: Seeker
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My Vodafone - impossible to register via mobile broadband

I use a mobile broadband with a Vodafone SIM. I do not have a Vodafone mobile account (I prefer EE).To register an online account on MyVodafone, part of the registration is to receive a text to verify my identity. However, this is sent to the mobile ...

quidos by 1: Seeker
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Resolved! K5160 / Draytek Vigor 2860ac keeps rebooting

I'm trying to use a Vodafone K5160 with my Draytek Vigor 2860ac to get a 4g WAN. When plugged in to a USB port, the connection is made and the 4g service lasts generally no more than 5 minutes before the dongle reboots, and sometimes the Vigor itself...

R218h DMZ

How do you get to the DMZ settings on the new R218 mobile router? I have spent an hour on th telephone and live chat to Vodafone, but they cannot find them.

scrfca by 2: Seeker
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Friends and family restrictions?

Having problems with nat type on PlayStation, was with ee before and was always on nat type 2 but since I changed to a vodafone dongle now nat type 3.... I manually changed to primary and secondary but still no joyPlease help

Carl1985 by 2: Seeker
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R218 mobile WiFi no 4G abroad

Hi, I’m currently in Germany trying to use a R218 mobile WiFi. It’s pay as you go UK sim. However, I can only get a 3G signal with it. I know there’s 4G signal available in the area though.  Is anyone able to help with this? 

At Home Broadband issue

First of all, their doesnt seem to be a forum for home broadband, which would be useful please Vodafone.. The issue I have is that vodafone home broadband is blocking access to this has only happened in the last few days and no othe...

esc111 by Not applicable
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Data not allocating to video pass

Hi,I purchased a mifi dongle in November with a 50G data allowance and added the video pass. I have watched various programmes on the Netflix, Amazon Prime and Youtube apps and during the first two months the video pass recorded the data that I had s...