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Network queries


2: Seeker

1) issue affects local area, travel approx 2-3 miles before resolved.


2) IP22 2JB


3) Affects other phones as well.


4) no errors, signal just drops out.  Used to be great 4G indoors and outdoors all around here.  Now many places outdoors I don't have enough signal to open websites.  Started not long after a big storm, but hasn't recovered since.  Will be leaving Vodafone soon as pointless having a Vodafone contract.


5) All


6) approx 6 months ago


7) issue permanent

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@Goodmanm - thanks for completing the template and providing your postcode. We understand how important it is to have the best possible connection.

I've checked your postcode on our Network Status Checker and there aren’t any known issues or ongoing maintenance works at the moment.

If you key in your postcode onto the Network Status Checker and then down the left-hand side, you’ll see the option to select 3G, 4G and 5G. This will then show you the predicted coverage for where you are.

You’ll see there are some patchy areas where it ranges between a good outdoor or limited coverage.

I’ve taken a closer look at your local serving site (number 21143) and there was a slight downtime on 22nd and 23rd June, although it’s been performing well since.

Please keep a look out on the Network Status Checker for any planned updates in your area.


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2: Seeker

Hi, I have used the network status checker before.  The issue isn't necessarily an acute one, indicating a service outage.  Simply the connection has been deteriorating over time.


Two years ago I could happily work from anywhere in my house on 4G tethered to my phone.  I would be able to stream videos and audio all around this area without issue, other than a few black spots.

Today I can't get 4G inside at all and have to rely on my broadband connection for everything.  I can't even stream music walking around the village anymore.


I will be leaving Vodafone at the end of my contract because of this.  I would leave now if I could, but I have no proof that you are no longer delivering the service I signed up to.

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Community Manager

Thanks for getting back to us @Goodmanm - I can understand your frustration. 

So we can take a further look into this, we'll need you to come and have a chat with my team over social media - then we can check how your number's updating on the network and raise the issue for further investigation if needed. 

Please remember to include your community username and link to your post in the message, so you won't need to repeat yourself 🙂 

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