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Number issues

2: Seeker


I moved over to 02 from vodaphone keeping my number via PAC code. My phone has worked without issue for many months until recently when people began messaging me on Whatsapp for someone else adamant that the number belonged to another person. I continue to receive calls and messages for this individual. What I have then found for weeks now is I have stopped receiving text messages including personal and verification messages. In example, two days ago I requested a text receipt for parking which never arrived and today I requested a text account summary from my bank which never landed. To prove the issue I even tried to have 02 send me a verification text. I never received this. I am worried that another individual has my number and is receiving texts with potentially sensitive info such as messages from my bank and password update texts among others. 

Answer from 02 = 

"Have you spoken to Vodafone as well, as they will have put a forwarder on the HLR to point into o2, and it is not unknown for these to become detached. and it would be them that would reissue the number and not o2, as it is in Voda's number plan (based on the first 5 digits)"


If anyone can help I would really appreciate it !


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Hi @mikerobinson93, this does sound a strange one! We understand your worry if you're not receiving important messages and this will require investigation. If you send us a private message on Facebook or Twitter with the number in question, our teams will be happy to help. You can find the contact details here🙂

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