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Poor coverage even 4G or 5G

1: Seeker

Really going off Vodafone. I’m in the Suffolk area, and though it states 4G on the device, constant buffering. When I’m in london on 5G constant buffeting.  I’m sure voda will say something along the lines of it’s the iPhone, but I find that hard to believe. Can anyone recommend any iPhone adjustments or if they are finding the same issue? Thank you 


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi @emma21T! You're able to check for maintenance anytime on our Network Status Checker here. Alternatively, please fill in our Network Template, that can be found here, and post this back to the thread, we'd be happy to look into it further with you 🙂 

2: Seeker
2: Seeker

Hi Emma, just seen your post from last year and I agree with you wholeheartedly.  Rural Suffolk is a virtual dead zone for Vodafone4G and forget 5G!! When I go into Woodbridge my local town it shows a couple of bars of 4G if I'm lucky but hey, no Internet connection. Most of the coverage round here is 3G which I hear Vodafone plan to turn off soon so even less of a service. If your contract is coming up for renewal try EE far better coverage. I only keep Vodafone as I have free coverage in Europe and the USA with my contract. Hope the coverage has improved for your part of Suffolk! 

Hey @Lardykelly thanks for explaining about the troubles you're facing with the coverage in your area. 

Please come reach out to our Social Media on Facebook or X so that we can take a closer look at the network and see if we can help you.