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Website incorrectly classed as having 18+ content

3: Seeker
3: Seeker

Hi. We manage a training website for a company with website ( Recently this has been flagged by Vodafone as having 18+ content.



Hi @samzy4sure I've raised this to our Network team to be looked into. The reference for this is INC000005001780. As soon as we have an update, my team will drop you a message here 👍

Hey @samzy4sure I hope you're doing well! The team are still working on the reclassification request but the website has been flagged as 'malicious' by 11 security vendors. If you pop the URL into this checker here you can see the flags. We will need you to check the site and remove any malware, malicious content, viruses etc so that the reclassification isn't impacted. 

Hello @Effie ,

We've successfully completed the cleanup and contacted security vendors to rescan and remove the malware flag. Feel free to continue your checks. You can also see the website's latest status here.

Thanks for your understanding.

Hey @samzy4sure 

I have checked again for your website on Virus Total and we can still see 6 flags by security vendors that have not updated as of yet. I apologise for any inconvenience. It can take some time for the flags to update, if you could please keep an eye for any changes. As soon as we have any updates on our end, we'll let you know right away. 

Hi @samzy4sure Thanks for your patience! Your website is still flagging as  'malicious' or 'suspicious' by two vendors on VirusTotal so you may need to follow up on these to prevent further issues. However, we've now reclassified your website so it should be fully accessible. Please can you check this and let us know the outcome? 

Hello @Janey 
Appreciate your feedback! The website is now fully accessible. Our team is actively reaching out to the remaining 2 vendors who haven't responded to emails. We're on it!

Hi @samzy4sure 

I'm glad to hear that your website is fully accessible now. If you need anything else, please just let me know 🙂