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Network queries

Secure Net incorrectly blocking our company's website

2: Seeker



we recently moved the website to a new server and for some reason, it is now being blocked by Vodafone securement incorrectly.


we sell personalised branded and corporate balloons, A genuine business with products that are suitable for all.


please can you look into this, we have several clients who need access and cannot use your network to access our website without getting an error message, relating to blocking sites by default that are considered 18 material.


This is incorrectly flagging our website, we sell balloons and nothing saucy...


please help!



thank you


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Hi @Mrdave! Thank you for bringing this to our attention. Apologies for this, I've raised this to the team to get this updated for you. Your reference for this is: INC000004646768. As soon as we receive an update, we'll let you know here 🙂

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Community Manager

Hey @Mrdave 👋 Our team have been in touch and your site's classification's been updated to 'shopping'. Going forward our customers with Secure Net included in their services should experience no issues when trying to access your site 😊

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2: Seeker

Hi Mark, thats great, yes shopping is much more like it !

thank you !
happy shopping !



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