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Network queries

Vodafone G4 internet crash yesterday 12/04/21 is still not repaired

2: Seeker

Hello everyone

I have a problem on my iPhone 11 with G4 internet since yesterday  ( London , West Ealing area )

It turned out that Vodafone has a crash  but is hiding it. I couldn't even open the Vodafone app this morning.

On Oopla last speed test download 0.75 Mbps and unload 0.13 Mbps at 2 pm

When the failure is fixed....

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Hi there @KrzysztofLecki - thanks for making us aware of the 4G issues you've been having since yesterday. So we can take a closer look into what may be causing these speeds for you, please can you get copy and paste our Network issues template (in step 6) in your reply to us with your results?

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