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Network queries

Vodafone @ Royal Ascot - Last Place

2: Seeker

The Vodafone coverage of Royal Ascot this year was appauling. Although there was sufficient 3G, and 4G signal, there wasn't enough network capacity to handle to 70,000 people per day. It was impossible to use the internet, send or receive text messages, and calls failed. o2 customers faced exactly the same issue.


Yet EE & Three seem to have prepared for this event properly and setup temporary pop-up masts on site to increase network capacity. The friends I know on these networks never had a problem all day.


Maybe next year, and other similar events, Vodafone can pull their finger out and make sure there is enough capacity for such large scale events like these.

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Community Manager

Thanks for getting in touch @andy_88 and letting us know about your experience at Royal Ascot - we really appreciate your feedback about this. 

As you can see on the related thread about this (where I can see you've posted,) - we're constantly investing in our network and whilst we weren't able to support it this year, we're always looking to make future improvements and improve our customers' experience with us. 

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