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Website incorrectly classified as 18+

3: Seeker
3: Seeker

Hi, we run a charity and our website is being classified by Vodafone as having 18+ restricted content. However it doesnt. 

When you run a site report on - Vodafone is the only provider that is blocking the site.

Could this be checked, and hopefully a request logged for the site to be reclassified? 

The website is 

many thanks - appreciate your help.



Hi @telfordgurdwara Thank you for raising this. When running a scan via VirusTotal here5 security vendors flagged this URL as malicious. Please can this be reviewed and updated. Once the scan comes back clean, if the URL is still reporting as blocked, we can then get this raised. Thanks. 


3: Seeker
3: Seeker

hi thanks for the quick response.

we've renewed our SSL certificate and also completed a malware scan via. our hosting provider. The scan is clean. There's nothing malicious on the site, and none of the content is questionable? ... not sure what we do next.



@telfordgurdwara Thanks for letting us know. It is still being flagged on VirusTotal, but I have sent this to our back office team to be manually reviewed. The reference for this is INC000005127891. Once we hear back from the team we will drop you another message here.

thank you so much - really appreciate your support.

@telfordgurdwara No problem at all. If any further actions are required by yourself, we will also let you know this. Enjoy the rest of your evening. 

Just wondering if there was an update.


Our web development team have reviewed the site - and have confirmed no malicious software/virus's or malware.


We are a charity (non-profit) and hundreds of people are dependant on the information/updates via. our website. We also provide a community kitchen that provides thousands of free meals a week + warm space, and wellbeing provisions. Our reduced web presence is also impacting donor's/fundraising efforts.


Really appreciate your help and support on this. Look forward to hearing from you, and if there is any more information I can provide - happy to assist.

We completely understand the importance of this @telfordgurdwara. Rest assured that we're continuously checking cases raised to our Network team. Unfortunately, the request raised by Andy last week hasn't been worked on yet. Once we have an update and/or new information, we'll let you know as soon as possible. 

thank you so much for the support. Appreciate the message.

hi, just wondering if there was an update here.

the issue is now having a massive commercial impact on operations. Any support would be really appreciated. thank you again 🙂