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Zero data around transmitter after 3G shutdown (TW18)

2: Seeker
2: Seeker

Hi. Around TW18 when connected to the cell site (7039) during peak periods, I loose all data. Zero, there is nothing. When moving over to other areas, I'll get a flurry of notifications come through. It used to be very slow when the network got busy but then the 3G network was able to step in and pick up the slack. At some point's I'd used to force my phone over to it purely so I can send a WhatsApp. I raised this issue back in February 2023 but it was completely ignored.  

When the 3G shutdown happened, I lost pretty much everything. Good chunks of the day have zilch signal (sometimes I can get 0.1mbts but that's with a ping of 2+ seconds). Other than that the network runs quickly. So, I mustered up the energy to phone up VF. It took 2hrs and I was referred to the networks team who said they were aware of a fault from Jan and were working on it. A month and a bit passed and it wasn't getting anywhere so I sent a complaint to the CEO office (I'd called in to check before on any updates and their system apparently had nothing apart from my last call). After utter hell with them (mainly them completely ignoring my email points), they told me all the employees before (4) had lied to me about the issue, all saying the same thing. I didn't believe it at all. 

Loads of emailing and moaning back and forth and I finally settled on my complaint as they were going to chuck a load of compensation at me. The network still breaks and is stupid. So, is anyone else having this sort of issue after the 3G shutdown? I think Vodafone turned it off way too quickly and congested 4G. 


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Hi @fastlane,

Yes I am getting exactly the same issue frequently as are many other users on this community. I can only imagine it's a national problem and there appears to be absolutely no urgency to fix this. I had my suspicion all along that the 4G signal would not be able to cope once 3G was switched off. I genuinely believe they massively under reported how many users were still using 3G and have now replaced their handset to join an already congested 4G signal.

After getting nowhere over the phone and being told to go onto social media several times (I don't have an account) I decided to go and speak to my local Vodafone store manager and find out what's going on. Apparently this will be addressed as more and more areas receive the 5G rollout to ease the 4G signal. No time frame was given other than it won't be over night.

Hopefully you're not in a long term contract that will stop you moving provider if this can't be addressed in a reasonable time. At the moment it is fine where I live so I'm just putting up with it every time I go anywhere with a crowd and end up with no data throughput. It's not acceptable tbh and I've now got a backup sim in my phone with a small data allowance for emergencies. 

All the best, Lee 

@Lee_Paul wrote:

Apparently this will be addressed as more and more areas receive the 5G rollout to ease the 4G signal.

Extra capacity can just as easily be added on 4G as it is on 5G.