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Advice on international roaming (Vodafone-Idea)

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Hi everyone. I am planning to visit the US for a couple of months and Canada also. I use a Xiaomi Redmi phone with VI (Vodafone-Idea) SIM card. Have a couple of questions regarding international roaming.

I would like to keep my SIM active for receiving SMSs such as OTPs or any communication from banks. Not keen on voice calls or using mobile data. Are there any plans are available for this?

From a few reviews I read online, looks like 'international roaming' experience with VI SIM on Xiaomi phones is bad. Apparently, the phone never connects to the signal, while it works smoothly with Airtel. Is this always the case? Or just an exception?

Can someone help clarify? Any advice would be appreciated.


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Here's a response you could use:

Planning an international trip is always exciting! Regarding your queries about international roaming with VI (Vodafone-Idea) on your Xiaomi Redmi phone:

  1. SMS-Only Plans: Many carriers offer SMS-only plans for international roaming. Contact VI customer support to inquire about specific plans tailored to your needs, focusing on SMS reception without voice calls or data usage.

  2. Network Compatibility: While some users have reported challenges with VI SIMs on Xiaomi phones during international roaming, it's essential to note that experiences can vary. Factors like network coverage, phone settings, and regional conditions play a role. It might be helpful to check for any specific settings recommended by VI for international usage.

  3. Alternative Options: Consider exploring alternatives such as obtaining a local SIM card at your travel destination for data needs, while keeping your VI SIM active for SMS purposes. This way, you ensure seamless communication without relying solely on international roaming.

Before your trip, make sure to reach out to VI customer service for the most accurate and up-to-date information. Safe travels and enjoy your time in the US and Canada!