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Off topic

Big thank you

2: Seeker

Thank you to James [Removed] (UK  May 3, 2019 @ 8pm call), .......thank you to Cairo Egypt team (May 25, June 1, and Sept 1, 2019 calls)   namely Nadine [Removed], Ahmed [Removed], Aninah, Shalini,  Mohamad [Removed]  and Ms Nihal .....who are very supportive , accommodating and fixing troubles / queries / requests straight away and offering support intently from UK mobile owners:  [Removed]  and [Removed] ........


BUT to Troy (Uk Irish accent recieving call Sept 1, 2019 @ 1515 to 1535H from [Removed]) NOT supportive not friendly.



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6: Helper

You do realise you have now put those 2 people at a fraud risk, by revealing their number and names on this thread?

Now anyone could ring up vodafone with those numbers and try get information from advisers to pass DPA and access their personal information. I would remove the numbers and names, the internet is not a safe place!


I have had to report to the moderator to remove that part of the message in an interest of your account security.

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