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Default after 11 months of non payment.

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2: Seeker

Good evening,

I am wondering if anyone can give me some advice. I opened a pay monthly account in September 2017, however I ended up in hospital due to complex crohns disease and became very ill and ended up having surgery. Anyway, as a result I was unable to work and could not afford to pay for my bill. I think I made the first payment and that was it. Account went into default 11 months after the first and only payment. I've paid the default amount of £500 and account has been mark as satisfied, however I have asked for the default date to be moved back. Am I right in thinking that it should be within 3-6 months and any longer in unreasonable as this could affect my future credit for longer than it should? I've asked Vodafone numerous times but keep getting told that they have to give me reasonable time to pay.


Any advice would be appreciated.



17: Community Champion
17: Community Champion

Hi @Dapand 


From what you have written you would have had a 12 month contract, and you have been defaulted over the remaining  period of the contract after only making the first payment.  Unfortunately, this will remain on your file for six years.


It's a shame you didn't speak to Vodafone at the time, due to your illness Vodafone would have been able to set up an affordable payment plan, although reported against your file this would have saved you getting defaulted.


I would recommend getting in contact with the credit reference agencies the are there to help and support.  The agencies Vodafone use are on the link below.  Credit Checks 


The Social Team will also be able to put you in contact with the correct team who will be able to answer your questions, they can be contacted through social channels here: Contact Us 

Hello @anns

Thanks for your quick reply. Yes I understand that and agree this will be there for 6 years and rightly so. The point I'm making and question I was asking was should the default have been added sooner than 11 months later? I'm sure I've read somewhere that according to ICO it should be when the balance had reached equivalent of 3 months of missed payments (or something along those lines). As technically had defaulted before September 2018. Say after 6 months of missed payments at most? I'm sure this is a common issue that people have success in resolving. Otherwise the information I have read elsewhere (legal forum) is incorrect lol. Any further help would be much appreciated. 


In regards to contacting Vodafone at the time. I wish I had, not making excuses but this was the last of my worries given what I was going through, I just left it as couldn't bare to deal with it. It was only £22 a month aswell. Looking back I'm embarrassed I didn't have the funds to cover this, but I've turned my life around (financially responsible) and planning for when this default is finally removed. 🙂. Thanks again for your response.


Or am I clutching at straws...


Every month counts when it comes to the end haha. Never again lol.

17: Community Champion
17: Community Champion

Yes @Dapand 


You will have been defaulted over the 11 months missing payments with the default recorded at the end of the agreement. At least the default is marked as satisfied and something credited should take into account. 


The only thing to do now is work at improving your credit rating with help and advise credit reference agencies will be able to advise.

17: Community Champion
17: Community Champion

Hello David,


If a person defaults with paying their contract then Vodafone can after making all reasonable efforts to obtain payment add a default onto a person's Credit File and engage debt collection agencies.

If a person then pays the debt this default would change status from Outstanding to Settled as you mention yours is now showing as Satisfied  ,however the Default itself will remain on your Credit File for 6 years as your aware.

The Credit Houses such as Experian etc wouldn't be able to assist you in removing this default or moving its timeline. They do have faq and help pages on their online pages in regards to how and when a default is added.

Citizens Advice maybe able to help too.

Vodafone Customer Services can take another look at your point on when the default was added in regards to it's timeline.

And if Vodafone have already advised you  getting told that they have to give me reasonable time to pay. " unfortunately  means they stand by that the default is warranted.

The Vodafone Social Media Team's and their Credit File Specialist Team's wouldn't be able to help either due to the default being warranted.

They can look at it's timeline.

I totally understand and appreciate why this happened due to your illness but the contractual terms would still have applied.

Vodafone do have the following in place for people that are struggling which may have helped you.

Financial-difficulties … Can't Pay My Bill. 

I know how damaging a default can be from my own personal experiences when I was younger so I appreciate how difficult this can make things when applying for things that require a search, however not all companies will reject you for one default.

I hope your recovering well and I wish you all the best for the future @Dapand 


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