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Defaulted payment from 11 months ago on my credit report that I had no knowledge of!!!!

2: Seeker

I changed providers from Vodafone to EE roughly a year ago after my contract ran out and I completed the steps to close my account. After a meeting with the bank this morning I checked my credit report and to my surprise there was a record of a defaulted payment for £19 from 11 months ago that I had no idea I owed. I was not made aware of the outstanding balance in any way, I have not received any emails or letters regarding the payment so how was I supposed to know about it? 

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17: Community Champion

I would suggest to contact the Vodafone Social Media Team's via Twitter DM or Facebook Messenger and they'll collate your information and involve their Credit File Specialist Team's to investigate whether the default which lasts 6 years is warranted or not @Berwynw1 

Good luck.


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