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Free sims for Ukrainians

2: Seeker
2: Seeker

We have a Ukrainian family living with us and applied for free SIM cards for each of them through the charity RefugEase that is working with Vodafone. Applications were accepted and we were emailed that they could expect their SIMs within two weeks. It has been three weeks and nothing received. They urgently need UK SIMs now. Can someone help please, thanks.


17: Community Champion
17: Community Champion

Hi @Tgpgunner 


According to the link here: Charities connected the SIM's should be sent to the charities registered address within the month and it may be worth contacting the charity to see if they have received the SIM's.


The other alternative is Vodafone offer free calls to Ukraine, this is going to mean purchasing a PAYG SIM and adding some credit but an additional option, this information is here: Support for our customers affected by the events in Ukraine 

This is the email we received from RefugEase:

Thanks so much for helping to host Ukrainian refugees here in the UK, and for requesting a free SIM courtesy of Vodafone through us.


I’m pleased to let you know that your application has been approved and we’ve passed you details onto Vodafone for them to dispatch. Please direct all further enquiries about this to Vodafone ( We have been informed that due to the popularity of the scheme SIMS may take up to 2 weeks to arrive. 


Moderator (Retired)
Moderator (Retired)

I understand how important it is to get this sorted, especially to keep you all connected during this time @Tgpgunner. Have you been in touch with the charity to see if the SIMs have been sent to a specific address?

Yes. The charity email says they are too small to handle individual enquiries but that they are waiting for a shipment of new sims from you and that these are available for collection from their offices in a different part of England! So little use I’m afraid. Is there another route please? This sounds like a well intentioned initiative to help fleeing Ukrainians but with poor logistics and no end result. Any way you can send them sims yourself? Thanks Tom 

Community Manager
Community Manager

For you to qualify for all the benefits included in the scheme @Tgpgunner, you will need to complete the  application directly through the charity and wait for them to dispatch the SIM. I can understand it may be a little frustrating having to wait for this to arrive, rest assured we're getting them out to the charities as soon as possible. They'll then be able to pass them on all the successful applicants.

We are also hosting 2 Ukranian refugees and we applied via RefugEase for Vodafone SIMs 4 weeks ago. They have not arrived. RefugEase accepted our application and said the SIMs would be posted to our home address by Vodafone. Looking at the Vodafone moderator comments here it seems Vodafone are only posting to charities and Vodafone expect the charity to forward SIMs to individuals. RefugEase have said that they now only offer collection from a shop 100 miles from here.


Well intentioned or not it is a mess. Will Vodafone be posting SIMs to individuals that applied through RefugEase in April?


If not can Vodafone post a list of charities and there locations so we can pick up a SIM locally? We live in the West Midlands CV7 postcode.