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Free SIMs for Ukrainian refugees

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2: Seeker

On the vodafone web site it states that all our guest Ukrainians need to do is to go to the checkout of the vodafone store with identification, then the sim cards will be issued. We tried this at out local Skipton Vodafone branch and were flatly refused. What is going on?


17: Community Champion
17: Community Champion

Hi @TonySpraggs 


I have looked at the Vodafone website and can' find anything about the SIM cards being available at stores, the only thing I can find from Google is the website here: : Collect a Vodafone SIM  I have found this link but you have more than likely also logged onto the page: How Vodafone volunteers are helping Ukrainian refugees 


Unless things have changed according to the link here: Charities connected the SIM's will be sent to the charities registered address.


There is further information here: Support for our customers affected by the events in Ukraine where Vodafone offer free calls to Ukraine.


No doubt this thread will be picked up by the Social Team, they will be able to give a lot more information on collecting a SIM directly from a store.

Hi @AnnS,


Thanks for getting back to me, yes it was that page I was on, the fact that it has vodafone plastered all over it make me, and others, think that all you need to do is turn up at any vodafone shop.  The amount of vodafone branding on that page and the page title makes it seem that way.


We are in the middle of the Yorkshire Dales and have to travel, so it was a great disappointment to get to Skipton and be flatly refused. I also see no corresponding charities near to get these sims from, so do you know who I need to talk to?     

Many thanks,   






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2: Seeker

Hello i want get free sim card

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Providing free SIM cards to Ukrainian refugees is a compassionate and practical way to offer them support during a challenging time. Several organizations and telecommunications companies may be involved in such initiatives, though the availability of free SIM cards may vary by region and country. Here are some steps to consider:

  1. Contact Local Refugee Support Organizations: Reach out to local refugee support organizations, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), and government agencies in your area that are involved in assisting Ukrainian refugees. They may have information about initiatives or programs that provide free SIM cards.

  2. Telecom Companies: Some telecommunications companies may offer free or subsidized SIM cards to refugees as part of their corporate social responsibility efforts. Check with local telecom providers to see if they have any such programs in place.

  3. Donations and Crowdfunding: Consider organizing a fundraiser or crowdfunding campaign to raise funds for purchasing SIM cards or mobile phones for Ukrainian refugees. Engaging your community and social networks can help gather the necessary resources.

  4. Partner with Charities and Foundations: Collaborate with charities and foundations that are active in supporting refugees. They may have existing programs for providing communication tools, including SIM cards.

  5. Online Resources: Research online platforms, forums, or social media groups dedicated to supporting refugees. Some individuals or groups may offer free SIM cards or mobile phones to those in need.

  6. Government Assistance: In some countries, the government may offer assistance, including communication tools, to refugees. Check with your local government agencies responsible for refugee resettlement to see if they provide such support.

Remember that it's essential to coordinate your efforts with established organizations and government agencies to ensure that the distribution of free SIM cards is carried out effectively and that they reach those in need. Additionally, be aware of any specific requirements or registration processes that may be necessary to access these resources.

Providing communication tools like SIM cards can make a significant difference in the lives of Ukrainian refugees, as it allows them to stay connected with their families, access information, and seek help when needed during this challenging period..............


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2: Seeker

Offering free SIM cards to Ukrainian refugees is a compassionate and practical way to support them. Follow these steps: connect with local refugee organizations, check with telecom companies for programs, consider fundraising, collaborate with charities, explore online resources, and inquire about government assistance. Coordinate with established organizations to ensure effective distribution and be aware of specific requirements. Providing communication tools like SIM cards is crucial for refugees to stay connected and access information during these challenging times.