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Help is urgently need - please :)

2: Seeker
2: Seeker

Hello, I’m currently in a huge crisis due to issues with my vodafone sim card and I beg you, please to help me out, because it will require some compassion from your end to help me. Just to let you know how bad the current situation is, I’m currently stranded in Norway, sleeping in my car with no access to my funds/Bank account and no money to continue driving since my car is empty of gasoline.


I have a spanish vodafone pre-paid sim card and last week, without a warning my card was deactivated even though I have not done anything wrong, the issue with that is that sim is connect to my bank and credit card and without it, I can’t access my funds.


I have tried now for 6 days to contact vodafone spain but I have not gotten one reply from them, both on email and twitter(the spanish vodafone on twitter) the email is an email I found online, but still no contact back from them.

I can’t log in to the vodafone application and create a user, because the system don’t recognize my number as a vodafone user, I can’t call vodafone since my sim card is de-activated and I can’t buy a new norwegian sim to call them since my card don’t work without having access to SMS sent to my vodafone number… Im literally stranded on the road and I’m using a free wifi that is barely working.


Please I beg you, to help me out and get me in touch with people from vodafone spain who can help me. I can send them emails or I can chat with them about my issue however, I can’t call or receive calls since I have no access to a phone number after they de-activated my sim.


I just need to get in touch with someone who can help me re-activate my sim card, im not asking for anything nefarious, just that the sim I have in my possession be re-activated, I got the pin and I already made a recharge.


Please, I beg you, someone who have connections within vodafone to help me out, its getting ridiculous



Hey @UrgentlyNeedHel I hope you're well. 

I can certainly appreciate the severity of the situation and I am sorry to hear that you have been left without a working SIM.

Unfortunately we are unable to contact Vodafone Spain on your behalf and as we are a UK network, we will have no access to your account in order to investigate this and help out.

You will need to try again with contacting the Vodafone Spain team which you can do here. From the Contact Us page there will be a TOBi pop up in the bottom right corner. If you use that you will get through to a LiveChat agent. 

Hi steph and thanks for the reply.


I understand you cant help, but my plea was to get me in touch with someone from vodafone spain.


The instructions you sent me, require me to register, however I cant register, since my phone number is not recognized as a vodafone customer and thus not allowing me to register, even if it did, since I dont have sim card, I cant register and confirm.


I just need an email that can connect me with vodafone, or a chat option where im not forced to register using using phone number, like I mentioned earlier, my sim is de-activated.


I understand this is a long shot, but at this point I got no other options and was hoping within this company someone working here could escalate my issue and get me in touch with someone in vodafone.


btw, im pretty good customer for vodafone as I have spent over 1000Euro during the past 2 years, topping up my prepaid sim card, im not some free-loader.


I just want my sim back and I will change my number that is connected to my bank account and afterwards, I will ditch vodafone

If there was more I could do to help I certainly would @UrgentlyNeedHel but there isn't. We have no way to put you in contact with the Vodafone Spain team as they are a separate network to us. We have no correspondence with any other Vodafone network from any country so there is no email I can give you. All I am able to do is direct you to the Vodafone Spain site or a Vodafone Spain store. 

I appreciate that this isn't the answer you want but you will need to go back to the Vodafone Spain team and push them to investigate. Even if your SIM is disconnected, an agent will be able to search for your number and look to see if you are eligible for reconnection. 

im currently stranded in norway, with no gas in my car and no access to my bank account due to the sim issue.


literally 4000km away from spain.


im sleeping in my car!







I understand your situation @UrgentlyNeedHel and I really do sympathize with with what you are going through but Vodafone UK, Vodafone Spain and all of the other Vodafone networks are completely separate entities. We have no more control over the Spanish network than we do o2, EE or Virgin for example. 

Regardless of what country you are currently in, if Vodafone Spain is the network that your SIM was bought from and registered on, you need to speak to that network and that network alone in order to get back online. They will have multiple contact avenues including Twitter and Facebook 

I appreciate that you are frustrated and I am sorry there is nothing more we can do for you but you have been given all of the available help and advice that we can provide.