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Off topic

How many use Voicemail

2: Seeker

I was wondering what percentage of people use voicemail, especially nowadays with Caller ID showing who called. 


Because if that caller, whether a wanted call or not then leave a voicemail message then you've been 'got' really, in terms of an obligation to return the call ? 


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17: Community Champion

Hi @luffy99 


It's a personal choice really as some can't answer calls due to work commitments or being in a meeting etc, or even a safety net if an incoming call doesn't look familiar so it's safer to let it go to voicemail to then check out who it was !

Vodafone also has slam down notifications which is explained in Slam-Down-Notifications-Can-you-use-them-when-you-have-VM-turned. 

Personally I've not had to use voicemail.

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