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News : NHS and Wearables.

NHS and Wearables.It looks to be possible that their will be free Wi-Fi across all participating NHS hospitals and wearables for patients.Participating hospitals with Wi-Fi would let the NHS use wearables to monitor a patients vital statistics while ...

Spotify New Feature : Taste Rewind.

Spotify New Feature - Taste Rewind.Spotify has added a new feature allowing their users to discover what they would have been rocking to if they had lived years ago.When you log into the site you are asked to select three of your own favourite artist...

Game of Thrones – Season 5 Final Episode!

  The final episode’s available right now - I’ll be watching that as soon as I get home!   Fingers crossed, it’s as good as the previous 2 episodes.   I’m looking forward to seeing everyone’s comments once we’ve all watched it!  

Jenny by Moderator (Retired)
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Sony Xperia Z1 - My experience and review.

Sony Xperia Z1 Hands on thoughts and Review. My very first impressions on removing the handset from the box was that I was very impressed with its sleek design and that it looked like a very solid slab of granite. The decision of having the power but...

WWDC from Apple Starts Today 8/6/15 to 12/6/15.

Apples WWDC starts Today 8/6/15 and runs until 12/6/15 "Apple Worldwide Developers Conference. June 8-12, San Francisco. Apple’s renowned developer community will come together at WWDC to learn about the future of iOS and OS X." Their is an App on th...

Blackberry rumoured to run Android instead of its own Os.

Hi, I've read quite re a few blogs now running pieces on Blackberry considering using Android OS instead of its own OS. From Source - idownloadblog "It’s unclear whether the rumored switch would spell the end of the company’s own BlackBerry 10 mobile...


Diabetes type 2. often my numbers are at 14 which is not good. What do i do to get them down quickly apart from spending 30 minutes peddaling furiously on an exercise bike. My friend is type one and after he whacks insulin into his thigh his sugars d...

Does the Big Boss get to read these posts???

Its all very well posting here our comments, making surggestions or haveing a rant, but how far up the chain does it go. Does Mr Big Boss Man ever read them to know what we think about Vodafone.....good or bad.

fedup-me2 by 3: Seeker
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