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My next phone > Samsung Note 9 or Huawei P20 Pro ?

17: Community Champion
17: Community Champion

Hi Guys and Gals. 


My current phone is the Samsung Galaxy s8 which i bought on launch date which has served me well. :Smiling: 

My usual MO is to change phones every 12 months but the Samsung Galaxy s9 phone imo didn't bring much more to the table that was needed by my usage habits to the table so I stuck with my Samsung s8. 

So I'm now awaiting the release of the Samsung Note 9.

The rumours and Chinese whispers on this phone sound encouraging. 

However if it fails to ignite my interest I've also been drawn to the Huawei p20 Pro as one of my work colleagues has the Huawei p20. 

I'd certainly be interested to hear from any of the members here who own the Huawei for their thoughts on the phone.

Pro's and Con's. 

Have firmware and security updates been happening yet ?

I'd be buying an unbranded unit. 

YouTube unboxings and reviews look good and the limited usage I've had with working shop demo models is encouraging. 

Reviews welcome. 

Or should I widen my search to other models?

What are you using and what's your thoughts on it. 







images courtesy of Google Images. 

Current Phone  >

Samsung Galaxy s²³ Ultra 512gb Phantom Black.




17: Community Champion
17: Community Champion

Hi @BandOfBrothers I have the P9+ and have found it to be a very good phone, security patches come through frequently. 


My colleague has the P20 Pro and is very impressed, coming from an S7 edge, the free Bose headphones helped sweeten the deal ! He is impressed by the speed of the device and says the camera is excellent.


The Note 9 does look impressive from what I have seen.

17: Community Champion
17: Community Champion

The Vodafone Blog gives an excellent review of the P20 and P20 Pro.   


Vodafone Blog - P20 and P20 Pro

The P20 Pro is generally reckoned to be the best handset out there at the minute - last month, Stuff magazine awarded it Best Buy, above the OnePlus, S9 and iPhone X, in a group test of the Top 10 handsets. Other magazines and websites also speak very highly of it