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Vodafone NL bad voice call quality

2: Seeker
2: Seeker

I have lineage20 installed on a Samsung galaxy S9+ (star2lte)with a Vodafone NL sim. when I put a T-Mobile sim in this phone everything seems to work. But with this Vodafone NL sim the voice quality becomes often very bad (severe echo etc) after about 20seconds of calling. Strange thing is that if I call the Vodafone support number the voice quality stays perfect. If I put this SIM in another (xiaomi) lineage 20 phone there's also no problem(I'm not 100%sure because I did not test extensively). If I call through WhatsApp there's also no issue. Setting the preferred network to 3G instead of LTE alo doesn't help.

Anyone ever heard of such a weird problem before? It's not related to internet/data isn't it? So APN settings cannot be the issue I guess? The reason I ask is that the APN settings were looking strange. Some Chinese APN's cannot be removed and the selected APN was not the one Vodafone advised me to use ( There was a in the list of available APN's but it was called Hollandse Nieuwe. Strange

Thanx already for your reaction


17: Community Champion
17: Community Champion

It's unlikely anyone would be able to help with this question @yadde , Vodafone Netherlands is a different company and network and you would need to speak to Customer Services in your own country for your network enquiry.