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Not getting otp codes from santander?

3: Seeker
3: Seeker

Any suggestions,  I cannot get otp from santander.   No mobile number changed,  but new mobile,  Since having new mobile now does not receive otp. Santander say not them contact vodafone.   vodafone say contact santander as its not them. My head is going to explode!


Community Manager
Community Manager

I've replied to your other message @tillyb, but as you've provided more information here, we can continue to discuss this here.

It's strange how this only started to happen since you started using your new phone. If you still have your old handset, would you be able to pop your SIM back into it, and see if you're still experiencing issues? Could you also confirm if it's just the codes from Santander you're struggling to receive, or is this affecting others too?

4: Newbie

I've just had this, another thread said it was the "bill payment indicator" 

But mine wasn't.

When you log in it asks if your phone number is xxxxx and to send an OTP, the next page, it asks for a number, you would think it's the OTP, but it's not, it's your 5 digit security code!!!

Enter that, thencthe OTP comes through.

Took so many calls to get it sorted, when all it needed was me to read the instructions on the app correctly.

2: Seeker
2: Seeker

I understand the frustration. Have you tried escalating the issue within both Santander and Vodafone? Sometimes speaking with higher-level support or reaching out via social media can help get quicker resolution. Keep pushing, and hopefully, you'll get it sorted soon!