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Potential Scam Call

3: Seeker
3: Seeker

I have just received a call from +441135190843, from someone claiming to be from Vodafone offering me 30% discount on upgrades. I was extremely suspicious as it sounded like it was from an Indian call centre, so I made an excuse and hung up.  Does anyone know if this number is legit or is it a scam?



17: Community Champion
17: Community Champion

I have just put this number in the number checker @ChrisThompson here Is it Vodafone calling? and it comes back as not a number Vodafone use.

It certainly sounds like a phishing call, you can just imagine what would be coming next, account details would be requested, followed by bank details.  You had a lucky escape there.

1: Seeker

I have just received a similar call from 01939 834891

Hi @ChrisThompson and @johncherrie65 thank you for raising. You can check if a number calling you is really us via our Is it Vodafone calling checker here. You can also report any suspicious calls to us by texting CALL free to 7726. We'll respond asking you to send the phone number you want to report. More on this can be found here

3: Seeker
3: Seeker

Hello, have you tried You can type in any BT number and it tells you information about it. I typed in your number and it says it comes from Leeds! So maybe not India after all! I enclose a screenshot of the information you need. I would ignore it as it is probably a scam. The best Vodaphone deals are on this site!




Hi Ace321. While that number is indeed a Leeds number, these foreign scam call centres buy UK phone numbers and use sophisticated software to route the calls through these numbers. So although they are calling from somewhere else in the world, the UK number is displayed!