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Rejected - check

2: Seeker
2: Seeker

Just had £10 monthly contract rejected by Vodaphone. Advised I did not meet the criterion. Never had any court judgement, have annual pension of £22k, have no loans, own my house outright and have significant savings. As such no sound reasoning to reject. I've asked for details and intend to take this to the communications ombudsman and request FIO and GDPR legislation to get to the bottom of this. This is shocking and completely unjustified, one very angry pensions who has time on hands and will take this all the way until I fully understand why rejected !


12: Established
12: Established

Vodafone's credit check criteria is a mystery to most of us on here. You can appeal their decision but they're unlikely to change their mind and no amount of complaining will change that. Ofcom can't compel Vodafone to take you as a customer.

If you really want to be on Vodafone I suggest you take a look at they're owned by Vodafone, you get EU roaming, an ID check rather than a credit check  and there's no speed restrictions.

I would suggest going via Money Saving Expert as the deals for Talkmobile are better.

Thank you for your suggestion, I am keen to understand what they are doing with the data I provided as part of my application, as such I will take this to the Communications Ombudsman as they may have rights to with-hold info, however I also have rights and will ensure that this is what I use to direct this complaint.

I will not be renewing contract with them, however I am not content to just let this go.  I will keep the forum updated. 


Good luck! 

I've now raised formally with The Information Commissioner as they failed to advise me that all of my personal data would be held, even though I didn't actually set up a contract with Vodaphone as credit check failed, therefore no right to hold my personal data without my consent. I'll update the post if/when I receive response.