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Off topic

Silly question about using my Vodafone mobile in Europe (and elsewhere, for that matter)

2: Seeker

I will be travelling overseas in a few months and I'm unclear on how I use my phone when I get there. Tried my local Vodafone but it has taken too long to get the attention of the sales staff, so if you can help...

I've got international roming enabled but A/ how do I phone a loacal number in the country I'm in? do I still have to enter the international dialling code? B/ I'll be travelling with someone so when I want to call them, will I have to enter the Aus code first? C/ how do the locals phone me

No doubt it's all very simple, but can anyone point me to a decent web site?

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17: Community Champion

You are asking this question on the UK Community @urvasjets  it sounds like you are a Vodafone Australia customer the question really needs to go to your network in Australia.  


As a general rule if you are calling a AU number as you would be still be calling Au to Au, you would continue to use the Australian country code.  The numbers should be saved in your contracts with the Australian country code of +61. If you are calling a European number.  For example, a UK number you would use the +44 country code dropping the first 0 followed by the remaining part of the number.  


Vodafone Australia Facebook will be able to provide any further clarification you need. 

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